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Where the Gros Ventre and Snake Rivers meet...

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Where the Gros Ventre and Snake Rivers meet, in the center of the beautiful Jackson Hole valley, lies one Jackson Hole's first, and largest, dude ranches. The Bar BC ranch, named for its original homesteaders Mr. Struthers Burt and Dr. Horace Carncross, includes some 1,374 acres of unspoiled land, home to both wildlife and a cattle ranching operation. Aspen, fir, and spruce trees crown a 600-foot butte bordering the river, which yields blue-ribbon trout fishing. Stretches of hay meadows find grazing animals, and unobstructed views reach to the backdrop of the Teton Mountains as well as to Yellowstone National Park. The expansive landscape with its gentle slopes feels tranquil and remote yet is also close to highly desirable amenities such as the white powder skiing of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the national forest and park land of Grand Teton National Park.

All of which is to say that the Bar BC has a superb location. When Burt and Carncross established the ranch in 1912, they "were drawn by a quest for the freedom and adventure of the Old West," according to Sotheby's International Realty agent Tom Evans. The Bar BC quickly became one of the most famous dude ranches, frequented by wealthy and important individuals from around the world seeking that Old West character and cowboy lifestyle, from kerosene lanterns to unfenced ranges and campfire songs. Since then, the ranch has been owned by the family of Wyoming State Senator Cliff Hansen, who maintained the cattle ranching operation that has thrived on the land for the past 80 years. Now ownership has come into the hands of Hillwood Development Company LLC, owned by Ross Perot Jr., with the intention of preserving all that the property has stood for over the years.

"It has been our intent from the first time we saw the Bar BC Ranch to create a very limited number of home sites that would maintain the integrity of the land," explains David Hicks, Senior Vice President of Hillwood. "We are committed to an understated retreat that will, through sensitive planning and a respect for the environment, maintain the sense of history, serenity and openness that we felt when we first walked the property."

The sale of Bar BC to Hillwood is the largest single transaction of land to occur in the Jackson Hole area in recent memory -- "in at least 50 or 60 years, maybe since the 1800s," Evans speculates. In turn, Hillwood will resell perhaps half the land, dividing it into 17 parcels of approximately 35 to 50 acres apiece. The company will also lease the cattle operation to Brad Mead, grandson to Hansen, ensuring that this important part of the ranch's history will endure. "The long-term goal is to continue in the ranching atmosphere of Jackson Hole," says Evans. And that means that the future of Burt and Carncross's historic ranch is in good hands.

The 17 Bar BC ranches are offered by Sotheby's International Realty's Jackson Hole Brokerage

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